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    08/07/2015    Sep. 5-7, Labor Day Weekend - Bus & Larkspur Ferry Operate Weekend/Holiday Service; Sausalito Ferry Adds Trips for Sausalito Art Festival
    07/20/2015    Sept. 5-7, GGT Route 42 Service Could be Impacted by NO BART Trains btwn West Oakland and Embarcadero Stations
    08/28/2015    Sept. 5, Larkspur Ferry Tickets to Billy Joel Concert at AT&T Park are SOLD OUT!
    09/04/2015    Beginning Sept. 8, Evening Commute Lane Change on the GGB
    09/02/2015    Sept. 2, Larkspur Ferry Dredging Ramps Up
    08/26/2015    Sept. 13 & 14, GGT Makes Quarterly Schedule Adjustments, Including NEW Route 31 Ferry Shuttle & SEPARATE Route 101 Weekend Schedules
    08/18/2015    Sept. 14, NEW Route 31 Larkspur Ferry Shuttle will Serve Miracle Mile and San Rafael Transit Center
    08/06/2015    Thru Sept., GGF Delays Expected due to Ongoing Construction & Dredging Projects
    02/20/2015    Giants Ferry Tickets Available NOW to see World Series Champs SF Giants at AT&T Park
    08/28/2015    Sept. 25, Ride Larkspur Ferry to AC/DC Concert at AT&T Park!
    07/21/2015    Ongoing: District's Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA) Recruiting New Members
    12/09/2014    Route 37 - Ferry Shuttle between Terra Linda & Lucas Valley and the Larkspur Terminal!
    12/22/2014    Free WiFi Now on All GGT Buses - Stay Connected on the Move!
    06/17/2014    GGT Introducing Audible and Visual Announcements Inside & Outside Buses