Contemporary Photos of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Southeast Visitor Area

All photographs © Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, San Francisco, CA. All rights reserved. Permission is required for use.

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Golden Gate Bridge Southeast Visitor Area (click for directions)



The Strauss Plaza, located on the southeast side

of the Bridge, is a great place to start your visit.

Metered parking is available.


The Roundhouse Gift Center is open daily and offers

one-of-a-kind Bridge-themed gifts and apparel.



The Southeast Visitor Area is usually teeming with visitors!

This shot was taken shortly after sunrise.


The Bridge Café is open daily and offers sandwiches, salads,

beverages, and more.



Visitors can relax and stroll through award-winning perennial gardens.


The view of the Bridge and gardens from the Strauss Plaza.




The Strauss Plaza is a popular place to meet,

take photos, and visit the nearby

Roundhouse Gift Center and Bridge Café.



A cross-section of one of the massive main cables

is on display in the Southeast Visitor Area.

Each main cable is 7,650 feet long,

measures 36-3/18" in diameter, and is made up of

27,572 steel wires. Together, the total length of wire

usedto build the main cables is 80,000 miles!



Don't miss the view from Flag Pole Hill.


A rare sunny day at the Golden Gate Bridge!



Golden Gate Bridge gardeners and grounds crews

keep the gardens blooming and the visitor areas

clean and inviting.


From the Roundhouse Gift Center, a view of the

southeast visitor area and downtown San Francisco

in the background.