Seismic Retrofit

Retrofit Safety Fence Installed

A chain link fence has been erected to improve safety for retrofit work being done on the South Approach Viaduct and Fort Pont Area. Its purpose is to prevent debris and other items from falling from the sidewalk to the construction area below.

The 8-foot tall fence has been placed along the existing pedestrian railing and extends along both sidewalks, from the South Abutment at the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge north to the area over the Fort Point Arch. It is anticipated that it will remain in place for the duration of the seismic retrofit of the South Approach Viaduct, now set for completion in late late 2005.

For the first phase of the seismic retrofit project, a similar fence was placed along the North Approach Viaduct. This phase, the retrofit of the North Approach Viaduct, was completed in spring 2002. The third and final phase of the retrofit project will involve the bridge's main span.