Toll Gantry Project Page

The Golden Gate Bridge District is in the process of designing a new toll collection system to keep up with new California state standards and technological improvements in tolling. Our current all-electronic toll system was installed in 2013, and utilizes toll collection equipment installed in 2005. The system is now antiquated and must be replaced.

Currently, we use hardware for reading toll transponders and triggering cameras in each lane in the toll booths to collect revenue. The new standard in modern toll collection systems is an ‘open road tolling’ configuration. This configuration locates the hardware in a gantry above drivers. Installing a gantry at the Golden Gate Bridge will allow the toll collection system to be safer and easier for workers to maintain and will eventually provide smoother traffic flow at the toll plaza.

We are in the process of designing the new toll gantry, which will be constructed approximately 20 feet above the southbound lanes, and located about 140 feet south of the toll booths. The new gantry is being carefully designed with consideration of the existing architectural heritage of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as modern design opportunities.

The current toll booths will remain in place for now. The old toll system technology at these booths will provide redundancy for our new toll collection system. A separate, more complex planning process will be implemented for a future toll plaza modernization project where the removal of the current toll booths will be proposed. Though the toll booths may be removed in the future, the beloved clock will be relocated to a location at the toll plaza where drivers can still observe the time.

Images of the new gantry will be available in late spring or early summer of 2018.

Gantry construction is expected to begin at the end of 2019, with operations to start in 2020.