Roadway Configuration / Reversible Lanes

The Golden Gate Bridge has 6 roadway lanes. The number of lanes dedicated to a given traffic direction (north or south) is changed as real-time traffic merits to balance traffic as best as is possible. The ability to change the number of lanes servicing a given direction is called reversible lanes. Reversible lanes were inaugurated on the Golden Gate Bridge roadway on October 29, 1963.


MORNING COMMUTE PERIOD: During the weekday morning peak commute period, the roadway is generally configured with four (4) southbound roadway lanes and two (2) roadway lanes for northbound traffic.


AFTERNOON COMMUTE PERIOD: During the weekday afternoon peak commute period, the roadway configuration is more challenging and variable than the morning commute. We endeavor to have the best possible configuration given that northbound traffic volumes are more variable and, at times, Doyle Drive/Presidio Parkway construction can negatively impact the northbound commute. Bridge lanes are generally set with three (3) lanes in each direction.

WEEKENDS: On weekends, traffic volumes can often be very high in both directions at the same time requiring a three (3) lane configuration for each direction.