Toll Plaza Configuration

No More FasTrak Only Lanes with All Electronic Tolling

The Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza has 11 toll lanes. Tolls are assessed in the southbound direction only as you are traveling into San Francisco. The number of toll lanes required for each direction of travel (north and south) is adjusted based on real time traffic demand. Typically, southbound traffic utilizes 8 of the 11 toll lanes.

Once the conversion to all electronic tolling is completed (end of March 2013), there will be no more stopping at the Toll Plaza. Motorists will be instructed to KEEP MOVING. Dedicated southbound FasTrak Only toll lanes will no longer be necessary as all tolls will be assessed electronically – either by FasTrak toll tags or by one of three Pay-By-Plate payment options using images of your license plate. To learn about the Toll Payment Options available, click here.

During carpool hours, toll lane #2 will be the dedicated CARPOOL lane. Toll lane #2 is the second toll lane from the right hand side (west) of the Toll Plaza when traveling south. There are two WIDE LANES available – toll lanes #1 and #2 located on the right hand side (west) of the Toll Plaza when traveling south. The WIDE LANES are 11 feet, 10 inches wide. All other toll lanes are 9 feet, 2 inches wide. The height limit through the Toll Plaza is 14 feet, 6 inches.

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